The Tohoku Emotion

  • Published on : 26/10/2022
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The Tohoku Emotion, a multifunctional train

The Tohoku Emotion is a Japanese train, which crosses the northernmost part of the main island of Honshu and makes you taste the specialties of the region.

The culinary experience aboard the Tohoku Emotion

Eating local food while admiring the beautiful Japanese landscape? This is possible when traveling with the Tohoku Emotion! Kitchens, chefs, and dining areas, everything has been planned so that meals are prepared and served on board the train. 

From Hachinohe to Kuji or from Kuji to Hachinohe, a fixed price is offered: 8,600 yen (€59.46) one way with full lunch and 5,100 yen (€35.20) dessert buffet. Some of the menu items are inspired by French cuisine, such as the appetizer, which features shrimp, seafood, vegetables, and more.

In order to offer a unique experience, the ingredients as well as the preparation techniques come from the Tohoku region. The goal: to eat and live locally!

If you go from Kuji, the night atmosphere of the city of Hachinohe will delight you. Discover narrow streets in the heart of the city, small bars, or local restaurants. In the early evening, people come out to enjoy the famous fresh seafood that comes directly from the coast of Hachinohe. A perfect destination for fresh food lovers! 

Espace de repas ouvert du train Tohoku Emotion


Menu repas avec vue sur la mer


Espace de cuisine ouvert à tous du train Tohoku Emotion


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