Skiing in Japan スキー

A country of winter sports



Japan is a mountainous archipelago, which experiences a real winter season throughout its northern part. Many ski resorts are accessible to practice different winter sports but also to enjoy the onsen.


Jigokudani, monkeys basking in a hot spring in Nagano

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Piste de ski magnifique à Tazawako (Akita)

Magnificent ski slope in Tazawako (Akita) with a view of the lake in the background.

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Good plans

The very practical system of the TA-Q-Bin allows you, for 1,500 yen (11.50€), to send all your equipment the day before directly to the station of your choice . Otherwise you can always rent the necessary equipment, around 4,000 yen (30€) for the skis and 3,500 yen (26.50€) for the suit. The day pass for access to the cable cars or chairlifts is around 4,000 yen.

Thanks to all these techniques, the Japanese have the possibility of leaving directly on Friday evening after their working day to make the most of their weekend.

Some Japanese ski resorts:



Skieur dévalant une piste à Nozawa onsen (Nagano)

Skier racing down a slope in Nozawa onsen (Nagano)

Jerome Laborde

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