Saki Noguchi

Saki, Travel Angel, Japan Experience


Although Saki was born and raised in Japan, she is bilingual in Japanese and English. In fact she attended an international school for 12 years.

Saki was born in Osaka, went to a school in Kobe and studied for 4 years in Tokyo. After living in the major cities of Japan, she has finally decided to settle in Kyoto, a city which she has come to love.

She takes great pride and pleasure in sharing her knowledge of Japanese culture and Kyoto in English. She will give you plenty of tips to make the most of your stay in Kyoto. 

His/Her background

Saki graduated from the Canadian Academy international school in Kobe in 2004 and later followed International Studies at the International Christian University, graduating in 2008.

Subsequently she worked as a bilingual English instructor, before going on to work as a tour operator for a British company from 2010. Since 2012 she has put her skills and knowledge to work as a Travel Angel in Kyoto for Japan Experience. 

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

Fushimi Inari shrine, which can be visited during the day or in the evening. Once there you will find yourself enveloped in a very spiritual world and will see a view, which is unique to Japan.

To bring back with you :

Your own pair of special chopsticks, in Japanese we call them “hashi” (chopsticks). You can find numerous styles of fancy chopsticks here. Get yourself that special pair; while you are here you can bring your own chopsticks out to the restaurant.

Things to do :

Go to Mount Kurama for a day hike. It is an easy and very relaxing hike through the Japanese forest. You can enjoy nature, Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples. At the end of your hike, you can relax at Kurama hot spring.

Words to Know :

“Sumimasen” is very useful in Japan. It is like “Excuse me” in English.
 You can use it when there is a crowd of people and you want to get by, when you accidently step on someone’s foot or when you want to order in a restaurant and need to get the waitor’s attention.

Dishes to Try :

You have to try Robata-yaki restaurant. You choose from fresh vegetables, meat and seafood and the chef will grill them for you. Not only is the food great but they have a fabulous selection of Japanese Sake (rice wine), which makes the food and the evening even more enjoyable. 

Traps to avoid :

When planning your day in Kyoto keep in mind that the temples and some shrines do have closing times. Make sure you do not arrive too late. It is always better to start the day early when exploring Kyoto.


"Saki was really the BEST in every way! A huge help and so knowledgable."

Elin J.