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house Temarian

Art house near the geisha districts


Temarian house is a beautiful machiya style Japanese townhouse located just minutes away from two of the famous geisha districts in Kanazawa. On a small street in a quiet neighborhood, the house’s traditional red exterior paint and lattice work mimic that of some of the old geisha houses. Art work decorates the inside of the house as well, giving the house a traditional yet fun atmosphere.

The ground floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room, sofa, TV, bathroom, washing machine and toilet. Upstairs has two separate bedrooms, one with two single beds and one with two futons.

Less than a 5 minute walk from the house are the Higashi Chaya tea district and Kazuemachi tea district. The traditional architecture, quiet streets, and the beautiful Asanogawa river make this area a truly special place to visit. Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa Castle, and Omicho Market are all within walking distance as well. There are bus stops close by, making Temarian house a convenient place to stay during your time in Kanazawa.

Rent your own traditional machiya, and experience a truly relaxing time in Kanazawa. We look forward to having you.

Our opinion

The house name comes from the word “temari” in Japanese, which is a small ball, often embroidered with beautiful patterns. As the story goes, one of the Maeda lord’s daughters loved temari, and would often make and play with them. From this, “Kaga temari” became a famous craft in the region. Temarian house uses this imagery of the Kaga temari, offering a nice look into the traditions of Kanazawa.

House rules


Starting on April 1st 2019, Kanazawa City will impose a municipal accommodation tax on all guests staying within the city, in order to increase the attractiveness of the City as a tourism destination.

The tax rate is set per night and per guest :
- 200 yen for those who pays a room charge of less than 20.000 yen per night
- 500 yen for those paying more than 20.000 yen

The accommodation tax will be collected by your Travel Angel during the check-in.

Floor Plan & Amenities

House plans Temarian
  • Refrigerator (with freezer)
  • IH stove (2 burners)
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Electric Kettle
  • Hair dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Wifi
  • 2 single beds
  • 2 single futons
  • TV



Bus: From Kanazawa station, a 10 minute bus ride and a 5 minute walk from the closest bus stop (a detailed access map is provided with the booking)

Taxi: From Kanazawa station, a 10 minute taxi ride, approximately 1300 yen ($11,50 / £9,50) from Kanazawa station (a detailed access map is provided with the booking)


Latest review

Jun 2020

The location is very good. You can feel the everyday life of Kanazawa.  Thank you very much.

Jun 2020

The house is located in a residential area and is quiet at night. You can walk to sightseeing spots such as Higashi Chaya District and Kenrokuen Garden, and a convenient location for parking lots and convenience stores within a few minutes. I was able to walk along the Asano River in a few minutes on foot, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the scenery was very beautiful. There is art everywhere on the walls of the building, which is very nice! You can spend a very relaxing and calm time with Japanese-style accessories and a delicious green. It was easy to work on my computer at the house. There are plenty of tables, WiFi, and power supplies and you can have a delicious coffee or tea. It's a tidy and beautiful space where you can work more quickly than at home ^^ With my family, I had a tatami mat and a sofa so I could feel at home. It was very clean and I didn't feel any inconvenience. The staff who accepted the reception were also very good. I didn't have any trouble communicating. It was a very cozy space and it was an instant hit with my family. If we have the opportunity again, we would love to come back.

Jun 2020

It's compact, but the space has an atmosphere of an old Japanese house well restored. Also, the kitchen, toilet and bathroom were clean, and the washing machine was equipped with a dryer, making it very convenient. I had a very nice month. I hope to come back. Recommended property!

Feb 2020

Great place, very keen close to everything.

Feb 2020

A wonderful place to stay if you’re a small family or a couple of friends. Great location to explore and lots of restaurants close by. We had a blast with our 18 month old.

Yin Yin
Jan 2020

This is one of the best rental houses I ever stayed. It is a renovated Japanese house, which, while having Japanese traditional touch everywhere, is equipped with every possible modern facility to ensure comfortable stay. I will definitely return to this place again!

Dec 2019

Great place. Full house to yourself, a lot of space, brand new, and very clean. It is quiet and in a very cute neighborhood. Thank you for all of your hospitality! We had a great time!

Dec 2019

The outside of the building is tasteful with the classic Kanazawa architectural style, but the inside of the building was newly renovated and was new and clean. There was both beds and futons so it was good to choose the one you like.
The original art is decorated in various places on the wall, and it looks very nice and instagram! I took a lot of photos and had good memories.

The location close to Higashi Chaya District is also the best. The French manager kindly taught me some delicious shops and bars, so I enjoyed sightseeing that was not on the guidebook.

There are many cherry trees on the Asano River coast and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the spring. I would like to stay again during the cherry blossom season.

Dec 2019

It was a very pleasant stay.

The beautiful Japanese art depicted in cute Japanese houses was impressive and calm.

There are many nice sightseeing spots within walking distance, and the nearby riverside is ideal for a walk. The public bath was also within walking distance.

French person who has a nice smile kindly taught us how to use the rooms and recommended shops.

This time I was able to enjoy the gold leaf pasting experience, the potter's wheel experience, and the Kanazawa Sushi Sushi experience.

Kanazawa has delicious food and I would like to stay there again.

Nov 2019

The room is clean and the bath, toilet and kitchen are newly built and very easy and comfortable to use. Japanese bedrooms remain and you can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere. The indoor art was cool.

The French manager also introduced many nice shops in the neighborhood that are good in a easy to understand Japanese.
A kind caretaker.  It was convenient to go to Higashi Chaya Town on foot. The hotel is located in the heart of the city.
On November, I ate a crab meat bento and was very satisfied
Kanazawa is delicious whenever and wherever you go.

I want to stay again at Temarian House.

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house Temarian

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