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house Gion House

The Geisha and Maïko district


This small vacation rental on a single level in Kyoto is ideal for a young couple wishing to eat and sleep Japanese style in the most prestigious district of the city, Gion.

You can prepare your meals in the kitchenette and comfortably eat them seated on the zabuton, Japanese cushion, in the lounge covered with tatami.

A tokonoma, an area where the Japanese have art objects and a flower arrangement, invites you to give a personal touch to the living room.

The Japanese bedroom will enchant you with its relaxing charms: aroma of tatamis, gentle lighting and the cosy comfort of futons.


One-level house: kitchen/dining room, 2 Japanese adjoining rooms (for two, on Japanese futons), Japanese bathroom (shower and Japanese furo bath), toilet.


Gion is the oldest best preserved example of traditional Kyoto architecture. Our typically Kyotoite house is located 200 yards from the famous Hanamikoji street, which crosses Gion. This street is bordered with restaurants, accessories shops, craft shops, ochaya shops (tea houses). Spirituality is also two steps away from the house, in the enclosure of Kuenning Temple where the Zen Buddhism is practised.

Amenities, transport and supermarkets are all not far from the house

Our opinion

Small cosy nest in an enchanting and timeless district, Gion house warmly welcomes you to its typically Japanese interior. The scent of tatami mats and subdued lighting will make you calm and relaxed to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

House rules

This house cannot accept check ins after 8 pm. (Contact us for further information)
This is a non-smoking house. Please do not smoke in the house or garden. When smoking outdoors, we ask that you not smoke directly in front of any houses in the neighborhood.
We ask that you take the utmost care to follow the garbage rules outlined by your Travel Angel during check-in.
Please be eco-friendly: conserve energy by turning off lights and air-conditioning/heating units when not in use and when leaving for the day.
Keep the house tidy. If you have moved any furniture during your stay, please be sure it is moved back to its original location.


Starting on October 1st 2018, Kyoto City will impose a municipal accommodation tax on all guests staying within the city, in order to increase the attractiveness of the City as an international tourism destination.
- The tax rate is set at 200 yen per night and per guest who pays a room charge of less than 20.000 yen per night.
- The levy rises to 500 yen for those paying between 20.000 yen to 50.000 yen and to 1.000 yen for those paying 50.000 yen or more.

The accommodation tax will be collected by your Travel Angel during the check-in. 

Floor Plan & Amenities

House plans Gion House
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas stove
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Rice cooker
  • Futon (3)
  • Air-conditioner
  • Washing-machine
  • Iron
  • Hair-dryer
  • Vacuum-cleaner
  • Wifi 
  • This house is not equipped with a TV set



  • Taxi: approximately 1 200 yen from the station (a detailed access map is provided with the booking)
  • Bus: bus number 206, Higashiyama Yasui stop


Latest review

Guy C.
Mar 2020

Premier voyage au Japon, 5 jours à Kyoto et nous n'avons pas eu le temps de tout faire !! Merci à Philippe pour son aide, ses conseils et sa disponibilité. Une chose est sûre, nous reviendrons ! À bientôt Kyoto.

First trip to Japan, 5 days in Kyoto and we didn't have time to do everything !! Thanks to Philippe for his help, advice and availability. One thing is certain, we will be back! See you soon Kyoto.

Gaelle P.
Feb 2020

Premier séjour à Kyoto enchanteur. Cette petite maison est adorable et admirablement bien située. Merci pour l'accueil tout en finesse de Philippe et ses bons conseils. Dernier jour à Nara sous un soleil merveilleux. Nous sommes enchantés et espèrons bien vite revenir au Japon pour encore plus le découvrir.

First stay in Kyoto was enchanting. This little house is adorable and beautifully located. Thank you for the very fine welcome from Philippe and his good advice. Last day in Nara under a wonderful sun. We are delighted and hope to return to Japan soon to find out more.

Gerard B.
Dec 2019

Bravo a Philippe!

Patricia K.
Oct 2019

Un très grand merci pour l’accueil téléphonique à Paris et la très grande réactivité de Philippe, notre travel angel, par mail. L’accueil personnalisé sur place est vraiment très agréable et nous tenons à remercier Philippe de toutes ses bonnes informations. La maison correspondait parfaitement à nos attentes. Il serait intéressant de pouvoir ajouter une barre pour accrocher des vêtements sur cintres. Nous sommes prêts à revenir au Japon et nous ferons appel de nouveau à l’ excellent service de Vivre le Japon.

Frederique P.
Aug 2019

3eme séjour dans la maison Gion et je ne compte plus le nombre de voyages au Japon. Tout est toujours aussi bien. On se sent totalement chez soi. De l'accueil au départ. Quelque soi notre soucis merci au Travel Angel d'etre présent et de faire le maximum pour nous aider. J'adore la mason Gion et j'adore Vivre le Japon. Je vous dit a dans 2 ans !

3rd stay in the house Gion and I do not count the number of trips to Japan. Everything is still so good. We feel totally at home. From the reception to the departure. Whatever your concerns, thank you to Travel Angel for being there and doing your best to help us. I love Mason Gion and I love Living Japan. We will be back in 2 years.

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house Gion House

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