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The Artisans of the New Tokyo

At the heart of Akihabara, the village of 2k540 features modern and stylish Japanese craftsmanship worthy of the spirit of the ancient city of Edo.

Nestled under the JR railway line district of Akihabara, the small village of craft shops, 2k540, is known for its large retail shops for cheap electronics, shops for fans of manga or maid cafes.

One almost forgets that this part of Tokyo was originally a neighborhood of artisans and merchants, active in the days of the old capital of Edo.

This collection of workshop boutiques held by young Japanese designers renews brilliantly the artisan spirit that once ruled this part of the city.  Here you can appreciate many original creations, often "hand-made" in a style combining the skills of Japanese craftsmen of the past and a very contemporary artistic sensibility.

In total, the 2k540 offers nearly 50 shops operating in the fields of fashion, accessories, ceramics, decorative wood, and more to discover.

A good place to look for a gift, souvenir or original gadget.

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