Summer festivals in Japan 夏の日本の祭り

Japanese Matsuri: how to party during the summer in Japan?

Japan is a country that has many festivals and festivals throughout the year, but it is during the summer months that most take place and these are also the most spectacular. Here's our short guide to summer matsuri and events not to be missed!

A Japanese festival is the ideal place to taste different typical dishes, street-food or sweets. During a summer festival, kakigori, ice crushed with syrup, is a perfect treat. You can also enjoy a ringo-ame, the Japanese equivalent of a candy apple, or with a "choco-banana", an iced banana dipped in chocolate.

To eat on the go, you will not miss the classic matsuri, namely takoyaki, yakitori, taiyaki, or yakisoba.

All this goes very well with a Japanese beer, which you can find on many stands (or at the nearest konbini!).

 A tray of takoyaki.

A tray of takoyaki

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