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  • Published on : 27/12/2012
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Shinagawa Station: read a guide to Shinagawa Station and its surroundings in southern Tokyo, Japan.

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Outside of Shinagawa Station


Exiting the Konan exit, on the east side, has the massive Shinagawa Commons skyscraper complex, and, across from it, Shinagawa Intercity. About one kilometer away is the waterfront of Tokyo Harbor, Shio-no Park, Konan Park and the Takahamaungazoi Green Space as well as Tokyo University of Marine Sciences & Technology.

In the Edo Period of Japanese history, Shinagawa was the first post town on the Tokaido Highway between Nihonbashi in Edo and Kyoto. Not that much remains from this time as the area became absorbed into Tokyo city though the area around Ebara Shrine and the Former Tokaido Street running south from Kita Shinagawa Station (walkable - if you have time - from the Konan exit) are evocative of times gone by.

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Shinagawa Station environs

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The west side of Shinagawa Station offers more in the way of entertainment, with many more hotels than the east side, and numerous dining and other entertainment opportunities. The Singapore Seafood Republic is one of the area's most famous culinary offerings.

The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (Hara Bijutsukan) somewhat south of the station's west exit was once a private mansion done in art deco style and has a lovely garden. The eclectic art collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Maruyama Okyo and Yayoi Kusama. The Hara Museum is close to the Myanmar Embassy, one of nine Tokyo embassies in Shinagawa ward.

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