How to get from Kyoto to Hakone

Hakone, a common trip for those coming from Kansai, is a great location to enjoy some of the best natural scenery in all of Japan. The two locations are connected via the Tokaido Shinkansen.

Trip Duration Approx. 2 hours
First & Last Departure 8:10 AM/8:59 PM
💶 Cost From 11,300JPY
🚆 Distance 366 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Kyoto/Odawara Station
Hikari Shinkansen Bullet TrainKodama Shinkansen Bullet Train

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Oversized Baggage on the Shinkansen 

A variety of requirements must be fulfilled in order for passengers with large suitcases to board the bullet train. According to Japan Railway regulations, luggage over 160 cm in length, width, and height needs to be checked into the special bulky baggage section at the back of the train car. Owners of such bags must additionally make reservations for seats near this section. Please be advised that you cannot board the Shinkansen with luggage that is larger than 250 cm overall.

Baby carriages, musical instruments, and sporting goods (bikes, snowboards, etc.) are exempt from these baggage regulations.

Dimensions for luggage on the Shinkansen bullet train

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Travelers leaving Kyoto for Hakone will do so from Kyoto Station, which is located in the center of the historic capital. Kyoto holds the unique distinction of being the first city in the world to celebrate its 1200th anniversary; this was accomplished in 1997 when the station had a redesign by renowned architect Hiroshi Hara. Not many places can match this accomplishment. The area is not as large as Tokyo Station, but it does have a few cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores. Still, one of the most recognizable aspects of Kyoto Station is the illuminated stairway, whose display changes depending on the season. The much-loved Ume-yu, a sento bathhouse in a residential area with a distinct ambiance and eccentric wares, is just a short stroll from the station. It's a great spot to relax and pass the time.

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station


It takes around 2 hours to get to the Hakone area from Kyoto, depending on the intended station of arrival. Mishima Station, just a bit southwest of Hakone, is actually located in Shizuoka Prefecture, neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture. This area in particular is famous for the Mishima Skywalk, a suspension bridge with beautiful views of Mount Fuji. Atami Station is also located in Shizuoka Prefecture, and here, unbeatable views of the sea can be witnessed from luxurious onsen hot springs. Then, Odawara, located right by Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, is home to a medley of art museums and the historic Odawara Castle, an iconic historical site in the area.



POLA Art Museum

POLA Art Museum in Hakone


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