Kiso Fukushima Station 木曽福島駅 長野県 

Kiso Fukushima Station

Kiso Fukushima Station in Nagano


Kiso Fukushima Station is a JR station serving the pleasant town of Kiso Fukushima in Nagano Prefecture. Kiso Fukushima Station is on the Chuo Main Line.

Kiso Fukushima is a JR station serving the pleasant town of Kiso Fukushima in Nagano Prefecture. The station is on the Chuo Main Line from Nagoya to Shiojiri via Ena and Nakatsugawa Station. Eventually the Chuo Line continues on to Tokyo via Kofu and Mitaka. Shinano Express trains stop here and thus Kiso Fukushima is a good place to change for hikers using local trains heading north to Yabuhara and Narai on the Nakasendo highway. Get off at Yabuhara to walk over the Toge Pass to Narai on the historic Nakasendo Highway.

The town's Tourist Information Center is directly opposite the station. Local Ontake buses and taxis pull up directly outside. There are also a couple of shops selling local souvenirs plus snacks and drinks next to the Tourist Office. The station has toilets and is mostly barrier-free.

The station is also the starting point for the walk to Karasawa Waterfall. Take a taxi directly to the fall or a bus and then a 4 km walk. Karasawa Falls are at the base of the 1335 meter Jizo Pass for the hike over the mountain on the old Hida Kaido trail. You can have lunch at the delightful Poppoya Italian restaurant and then take a bus back to the station. There are views of the snow-capped Mt. Ontake from the restaurant's garden. 

Karasawa Falls

Karasawa Falls

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