5 places from Japanese legends to visit

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Momotaro and his friends in Okayama

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In the heart of the Japan of tales and legends


Whether they tell us about local beliefs or how native people think, legends are a good way to discover a country's culture. But tales also turn out to be fantastic travel guides when you want to get off the beaten track! In order to discover the archipelago differently, Vivrele Japon presents 5 places tinged with mystery that will plunge you into the heart of Japanese legends.



In love with the prefecture of Iwate, the writer brings together the urban legends he collected for several years in the town of Tono , a small town in the region which is said to be the place of unexplained phenomena . Among them, kappa stories are legion!


Small cucumber-loving sea monsters, the kappa are said to have made their home in the waters of Tono, which is still nicknamed “the town of folklore” today. And especially in the basin of the Fukusenji temple, the largest temple in the city!

See: The Kappa


Les kappa habiteraient-ils encore les eaux du temple ?

Would the kappa still inhabit the waters of the temple?


Le temple de Fukusenji

Fukusenji Temple

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Famous for being the subject of a tale, "the legend of Hagoromo" , the pine is today renowned for its good luck virtues.


Literally "feather coat" , the Hagoromo would have been worn by an angel who came to enjoy the waters of Miho . While proudly clinging to a pine tree while its owner bathed, the Hagoromo was stolen by a fisherman . Since the angel could not return home without his coat, he was forced to perform a celestial dance to recover his property. At the end of the tale, the angel ends up returning to heaven under the still dazzled eyes of the sinner.


Hagoromo's six-hundred-year-old pine is the focal point of the tale of the same name.


Le port de Megijima abrite encore un démon

Megijima Port is still home to a demon

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In addition to being recognized for their clear water and breathtaking landscapes, the Takachiho Gorge is said to house the cave where the goddess Amaterasu is said to have hidden after arguing with her brother Susanoo.


The act of rebellion of the goddess of the sun would then have caused an infinite night on the Earth , which only ceased when the latter was extricated from her hiding place by other divinities!


Discover Takachiho

Manai no Taki waterfall in Takachiho (Kyushu)

The Manai no Taki waterfall in Takachiho (Kyushu)

TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Ema at an Amaterasu shrine

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