Neighborhoods Ginkakuji


A residential district, considered by many as quintessential Kyoto, walking there is a real pleasure for the senses: the classical architecture of the dwellings and the details of the gardens, freshness, calm and serenity on the Philosopher's Path, aroma of incense escaping from the houses.


Historic district, green and calm.
Enjoy areas early in the morning when there aren't too many tourists yet.


The district is located 25 minutes away from the city centre by bus. 


- Daikokuya Supermarket
- Lawson Kombini
- Several bakeries
- Post offices
- Bicycle rental


Bus service to easily connect to the city's other tourist areas, take the 100 bus to reach Gion or Kiyomizudera temple.


- Omen, udon and vegetables
- Eisuke, Kyoto cuisine
- Goya, Okinawa cuisine
- Mohan Café


- Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion
- the Philosopher's Path
- Honen-in temple
- Mount Daimon-ji


Our Houses in the district Ginkakuji

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