Neighborhoods Nishiki


A long alley that beckons to customers with its roof of pretty tinted glass in blue and red, protecting it from rain for an enjoyable shop in any weather. Enter a world of smells and textures, where the resounding "Irasshaimase" (welcome) cries of vendors mingle with gossiping ladies selling yuzushu (yuzu liqueur, an Asian citrus similar to lemon) and donuts made of soy milk. 


  • A unique ambiance, as if you've left the city center.
  • Food and dining at any time
  • Shopping at any time


  • Not near any major sites, excluding the market itself


  • Takashimaya and its numerous caterers
  • Organic market inside Fuji-Daimaru
  • And of course the 120 shops inside Nishiki Market


  • Subway to Kyoto Station
  • Bus connections to easily reach other attractions across the city
  • Hanyku train lines


An ideal location for foodies, with a countless number of different cuisines a short walk away.


  • Nishiki Market and its little shrine, Nishiki Tenmangu 
  • Shopping on Teramachi and in department stores Fuji Daimaru and Takashimaya
  • Trendy Gokomachi street
  • Movix cinema