Neighborhoods Path of Philosophy


The Philosopher's Path is the most famous walks in Kyoto and connects the silver pavilion with the splendid Nanzenji temple district. At the foot of Mount Daïmonji, the path follows a canal bordered by cherry trees, small cafés, craft shops and restaurants. Lots of visitors come when the cherry and maple trees are in bloom and enjoy this wonderful spectacle.


Historic, green and calm district.
Enjoy the area early in the morning when there aren't too many tourists about yet.


The district is located 25 minutes away from the city centre by bus.


- Fresco supermarket, ppen 24hours a day
- Family Mart convenience store
- Yamada Bakery
- Post office
- Bicycle rental


Bus service to easily connect to the city's other tourist areas, take the 100 bus to reach Gion or Kiyomizudera temple. 


- Oden, udon and vegetables
- Eisuke, Kyoto cuisine
- Goya, Okinawa cuisine
- Mohan Café


- Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion
- the Philosopher's path
- Honen-in temple
- Mount Daimon-ji