Visiting Japan by Bus   ジャパンバスパス

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A "Willer Express" highway bus

Traveling Day and Night

The Japanese company Willer Express offers a pass for unlimited travel for all foreign visitors to  Japan. Another way to visit the archipelago with complete freedom!

Notice to foreign visitors departing for Japan: there's an alternative to the famous JR Rail Pass!

Japanese Willer Express bus company offers foreign tourists a Japan Bus Pass, which allows travel on all its domestic routes from the north to south of Japan.

Japan Bus Pass

The Japan Bus Pass allows you to book a seat in almost every Willer Express bus, to reach the biggest cities in Japan via the motorway .

Two formulas:

  • 3 Day Pass: ¥ 10,000
  • 5 day Pass: ¥ 15,000

The validity period of the Japan Bus Pass is two months after purchase.

By combining trips day and night, it is possible for eager visitors to visit Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima in less than 5 days!

The Buses

The Willer Express bus has 4 row seats (2x2) reclining to 140 degrees for a more than reasonable comfort even on long distances.

Personal head covers fold out on the upper back of each seat, giving you some privacy and a chance to sleep in peace; a nice touch especially during night trips. 


The Japan Bus Pass is particularly attractive for small budgets and travelers looking to save time and money by traveling at night. For example: you leave at 11pm from Tokyo and arrive in Kyoto the next day at 6am, saving one hotel night.

Other advantages:

  • Cheaper to buy than the JR Rail Pass
  • more than 20 routes available throughout Japan
  • Travel day or night

How to Subscribe?

Visit the company's website Willer Express and follow the online instructions written in English:

  • create your user account (free)
  • choose your formula (3d / 5d)
  • pay online (credit card)
  • make your reservation

Note that the Japan Bus Pass is available only to travelers with the status of "temporary visitor" (stay in Japan for up to 3 months).

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