Sustainability at the 2020 Olympics

  • Published on : 04/12/2019
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Green Olympic Games

The preservation of our environment has become one of the significant challenges of the early 21st century. The most-watched sports event in the world hasn't escaped this global issue. The organizing committee has planned a set of initiatives to minimize the impact of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

From smartphones to medals

Japan aims to produce all the medals awarded at the 2020 Olympic Games from recycled materials. And electronic waste is specifically targeted by this initiative, with only 20% of electronic waste currently recycled, on average.

Thanks to a massive campaign among the country's population and businesses, more than 5 million devices, representing 47,488 tons of electronic waste, have been recovered.

The committee has enough material to extract the 30.3 kg of gold, the 4,100 kg of silver, and the 2,700 kg of bronze needed for the creation of these medals.

2012 Olympic medals, London

2012 Olympic medals on display in London (British Museum)

Paul Hudson

Clean energy goal

The key concept for these Olympic Games is sustainability, and it is the ambition of the organizing committee to use only renewable energies to supply electricity to the various sports facilities, as well as the Olympic Village, the international broadcasting center and the main press center.

The new stadium by Kengo Kuma

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