Mashu-ko, the devil's lake of the Ainu 摩周湖

Kamuito or the lake of the gods, the crystal lake of Hokkaido

The eastern tip of the island of Hokkaido is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Japan. Within a volcanic formation located in Akan Park , one of the clearest waters on the planet lays in a calm downpour beneath the northern skies of ancient Ezo.

Lake Mashu is the caldera of a potentially still active volcano, with a circumference of 19.8 kilometers and a depth of just over 200 meters.

Its waters are so transparent that only beautiful Lake Baikal can rival its purity, while its emerald blue whose shades change according to the time of day fascinates those who are lucky enough to admire it.

In the middle, solitary and rebellious, the island (or rather the islet) Kamuishi is the only imperfection that can be seen in the eye of the lake.

Lake MashĂ» in summer


Mashu lake in winter

Lake MashĂ» in winter

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Address, timetable & access

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    Take the local bus from JR Mashu station (about 25 min)

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