The Garden of Kawachi   河内藤園

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The wisteria tunnel

Into the wisteria

A profusion of flowers, a multitude of colors, an intoxicating aroma and an enchanting atmosphere: Welcome to the Garden of Kawachi!

This is a place dedicated to the glory of wisteria. In clusters around the city, twenty varieties of this flower cover nearly 1,000 square meters of Kawachi city (Fukuoka Prefecture).

Flower domes, carpets of color... these impressive plant art displays culminate with a tunnel of 150 wisteria plants, and remains the most amazing sight in the city.

Since 1977, the owners of the garden have showed people the beauty of the fuji, the Japanese name for wisteria, without much fanfare, in an attempt not to alter the tranquility of the place.

The more beautiful, the more expensive it is! Here, the price depends on the flowering of the plants: It costs 300 yen to enter in low season, and 900 yen in the high season. But while the fuji plants earned the area the reputation as "the garden of Kawachi", when the autumn comes, its the turn of the 700 momiji - Japanese maples - which explode with splendor and are the decor of the city.

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