PomPomPurin Cafe   ポムポムプリンカフェ

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The entrance to PomPomPurin cafe

A themed cafe for fans of the cute Sanrio dog!

PomPomPurin, the little yellow dog created by Sanrio group, now has three cafes in Tokyo. Discover the original, located on Takeshita-dori in the heart of Harajuku.

PomPomPurin and his friends

A popular character

Pom Pom Purin is a small golden retriever character created in 1966 by Sanrio, a Japanese company known internationally for its most popular creation, Hello Kitty.

Like all characters in the franchise, PomPomPurin has a story and design of his own. Modelled on the dessert with the same name, he looks like a caramel pudding (purin in Japanese) and lives in a room called the "PomPom Room", which was given to him by his master. He also wears a brown beret, and is very sociable.

Riding on the kawaii fashion wave, he was quickly adopted by Sanrio customers. And today, PomPomPurin is one of the most popular characters in the group.

A cute and colorful cafe

Opened in 2014, the PomPomPurin Cafe in Harajuku was the first PomPomPurin themed cafe in Tokyo. And although today three other cafes have opened on the capital, it remains the busiest of them, to the point that the staff distributes "no-queueing tickets" every morning before opening, to limit the number of customers.

What is his appeal? The idyllic world he inhabits!

Like the little mascot himself, the cafe is colorful and warm. Decorated in yellow and brown tones to match the coat of the little dog, walls adorned with pictures of popular Sanrio characters, and placemats with PomPomPurin on them, the cafe has a child-like atmosphere that will appeal to kids... and adults who are still young at heart!

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PomPomPurin cafe, Harajuku

PomPomPurin goodies

Also note that the cafe has a souvenir shop selling exclusive character goods, including T-shirts, mugs, and soft toys, to delight collectors!

An original menu

Primarily aimed at a younger guests, the PomPomPurin Cafe menu is perfect for any budget.

With lunch sets (dish + drink) at around 1,250 yen ($11), a varied and original menu is on offer here. Indeed, the cafe revisits the great classics of Japanese food by adding its own unique touches. Among the many cute dishes on the menu, we recommend its chicken-coconut curry, which is a twist on the usual Japanese curry found in all themed cafes in Tokyo.

The PomPomPurin cafe coconut curry

Of course, the cafe doesn't forget about dessert either, and offers a variety of adorable cakes and ice creams with a PomPomPurin theme. Not forgetting of course, the classic dessert that gave the character his name - a small pot of caramel custard pudding topped with a chocolate beret!

Pancakes with fruit at PomPomPurin cafe

The PomPom Pudding

A PomPomPurin ice cream sundae!

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