Visiting Odaiba with children 子供とお台場へ

Visit Japan with the family, activities in Tokyo for children and adults

Odaiba has been transformed, a small fortress in Tokyo Bay, built in 1853, has been transformed into a man-made island entirely dedicated to entertainment and relaxation. Today, Odaiba is a family-oriented entertainment capital in itself and an ideal place for families to spend the entire day or another!



Le Rainbow Bridge depuis Odaiba


Activities at sea, on land, or in the air


Its nickname "Island of Entertainment" is not overdone. Odaiba has plenty to satisfy young and old alike, with its many theme parks, shopping malls, unique Japanese pop culture experiences, and surprising museums. Access to the island is an attraction in itself! You can get there in several ways:


  • On the water

Boats connect Asakusa to Odaiba in about 1 hr. The Himiko and the Hotalun are two futuristic ships designed by the mangaka , Reiji Matsumoto. A cruise on the Sumida River allows you to discover the capital in a new light. Half-boats, half-spaceships, these boats are sure to please the kids!

The Tokyo water bus that departs from Asakusa on the Sumida River to Odaiba

Jerome Laborde


Une croisière fluviale dans le bateau futuriste dessiné par Leiji Matsumoto



Depuis l'avant de la rame, la vue est époustouflante!

Brianlockwood / Wikimédia


Le métro aérien de Tokyo

Activities in Tokyo for the whole family


The national museum of emerging sciences and innovation teaches you about the conquest of space, earthquakes, applied sciences to the medical field, or even robotics. The popular draw of the Miraikan is the show of the humanoid robot, Asimo, taking place four times a day.


The famous Shibuya crossroads in Lego scale!

Norio Nakayama/Flickr


Fabriquez vos propres legos à la Legoland Fctory

Tzuhsun Hsu / Flickr


Découvrez des modèles insolites au History Garage du Toyota Mega Web



  • Trick Art Museum (Decks Tokyo Beach)

The paintings in this extraordinary museum are not traditional two-dimensional paintings. Each is a perfect optical illusion, upsetting your perceptions and suggesting that the objects represented exist. Be aware of the canvases illustrating ghosts and monsters for families with young children... Your phone or camera is the essential element for this visit.


A multitude of small fun workshops explain to you in a very educational way, thanks to new technologies, the scientific principles hidden behind our five senses. Don't miss the workshops where you can distort your voice or stretch your ability to smile; have fun transforming!


  • The Gundam Unicorn (opposite DiverCity Tokyo Plaza)

In place since 2017, he came to replace the 18-meter-high Gundam RX-78-2 and surpassed its elder by 2 meters! the new life-sized Gundam statue now towers over spectators at a staggering height of 19.7 meters.

Gundam Odaiba

Odaiba's new Gundam has been in place since October 2017



The Asimo robot makes its show at the Miraikan!


Rainbow Bridge seen from Odaiba

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