Enjoying winter in Tomamu トマムの冬を楽しむ

Snowy landscape of Tomamu, Hokkaido

ink spot

Ski resort in central Hokkaido

Winter in Tomamu, enjoy the cold and the heat! Located in the center of the island of Hokkaido, Tomamu makes you enjoy various activities in the winter season: skiing, nature walks, ice village and even...beach!

Lumière sur les montagnes de Tomamu, Hokkaido

Light on the Tomamu Mountains, Hokkaido


Paysage enneigé de Tomamu

Tomamu Snowy Landscape


Ice Village "Ice Village"


In the heart of winter, the temperature drops to -30°C in Tomamu! You will then see the village of igloos, "Ice Village", rising from the ground. Like a miniature ice festival , discover the ice chapel "Ice chapel" and have a drink at the Bar Icewood. For the less cautious, how about a cool night at the Ice Hotel? The Ice Village is visible from mid-December to mid-March on the Hoshino resort Tomamu area. Admission: 500 yen (4€).

Le village de glace de Tomamu "Ice village"

Tomamu Ice Village "Ice village"


Boissons glacées au village de Tomamu

Iced Drinks at Tomamu Village

Kyosuke Nakamura

Entrée du Ice VIllage

Entrance to the Ice Village

emi moriya

The Terrace of Frosted Trees


Day or night, conquer the heights in complete safety from Tomamu, by taking the "Unkai gondola" cable car. In winter, the landscape from the platform is pure; nature puts on its white coat and you can even observe the phenomenon of " frosted trees ". In spring, the view from the terrace is green. Located at 1,088 meters above sea level, this observatory allows you to see the phenomenon of "Unkai" (the sea of clouds) .



You will also find a café, the Tenbô café, serving specialties such as the Frost Tree fondant chocolate and the Frost Tree café. Ideal for taking a break from the cold! Finally, note that from December 1 to 25, the terrace is illuminated in the evening .

Winter: cable car open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.; adult prices: 2,200 yen (about €20); child rates (up to 12 years old): 1,300 yen (about 10€)

La terrasse pour admirer la mer de nuage (Unkai) et les arbres glacés

The terrace to admire the sea of clouds (Unkai) and the frozen trees

Kentaro Ohno

Coucher de soleil depuis la terrasse

Sunset from the terrace

Eiji Masuda

Mina Mina artificial beach


In Tomamu, it is also possible to spend the winter...warm! The artificial Mina Mina beach of the Hoshino resort complex in Tomamu welcomes you all year round, with temperatures hovering around 30°C. Nothing to do with the exterior, then! This indoor beach with a wave pool is one of the largest in Japan and measures 30 by 80 meters. In addition, within the complex, you will find about twenty restaurants to eat after a day of swimming at the Mountain ! Note: in the Aïnoue language, " mina " means "smile".

Price: Adults 2,500 yen (15€); children 1,000 yen (9€). Free for Hoshino resort guests. Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. depending on the period.



La plage artificielle Mina mina au sein du complexe Hoshino resort

The artificial Mina mina beach within the Hoshino resort complex

MIKI Yoshihito

Construction de l'architecte Tadao Ando "Church on Water", visible à Tomamu

Construction by architect Tadao Ando "Church on Water", visible in Tomamu


Chapel on the water


Designed by star architect Tadao Ando, this chapel is a must during your stay in Tomamu! Whether it is to unite for life or the time of a visit, the construction welcomes you in a setting linking at the same time different elements of nature : water, light, plants and wind, thanks to a game of transparency separating and uniting the interior from the exterior.



Finally, know that the Hoshino complex based in Tomamu is ideal for family stays and even offers rooms adapted to the age of your toddlers, for a stay in complete relaxation and safety.

Chapel on the water vu de l'extérieur

Chapel on the water seen from the outside


Chapel on the water, vue intérieure

Chapel on the water, interior view

MIKI Yoshihito

Unkai, the sea of ​​clouds

Unkai, the cloud sea

Kentaro Ohno

Le complexe Hoshino resorts en hiver

The Hoshino resorts complex in winter


Address, timetable & access

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    From New Chitose Airport: take the rapid train to Minami-Chitose (3 min) then change to the limited express Super Ozora or Super Tokachi (1h10) to Tomamu. From Sapporo: take the limited express Super Ozora or Super Tokachi to Tomamu station (1h40).

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