Hiking in Japan, going on an adventure

Japan is for many people synonymous with large ultra-modern megalopolises, thousand-year-old Shinto shrines and ancestral traditions. But Japan is also a territory with breathtaking nature. The archipelago is full of beautiful national parks, such as the famous Daisetsuzan Park on the island of Hokkaido and the spiritual Ise-Shima Park in Mie Prefecture, which are particularly suitable for hiking.

What are the hikes to do in Japan?

Japan Experience offers you a Top 5 of the best hikes to do in Japan, a selection of the most beautiful spots to escape into Japanese nature. From north to south of the archipelago, put on your walking shoes, prepare your water bottle and set off to discover the least accessible treasures of the Japanese archipelago!


Top 5 des randonnées à faire au Japon
Top 5 des randonnées à faire au Japon

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Here are the top destinations for the most beautiful hikes and excursions in Japan:

Japan Experience accompanies you to Yakushima Island. Our Travel Angel awaits you there to explore the island of thousand-year-old cedars, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (natural heritage). Are you ready to cut yourself off from the world and explore its primary forests?



Japan, a land of mountains and volcanoes


Randonner au Japon

The Japanese archipelago is mainly made up of mountains and volcanoes. They occupy about 70% of the territory. This particular composition of the Japanese territory is explained by the fact that Japan is located at the meeting of four tectonic plates (Pacific, North American, Philippine and Eurasian).

It is therefore quite naturally in the heights of the country that most of the hiking trails in Japan are found.

The essential hikes in Japan:

What are the hikes in Japan for beginners?

And for apprentice mountaineers who want to take to the skies, we offer six mountains under 1,000 meters to climb. Perfect excursions to admire the magnificent landscapes and exceptional panoramas of Japan.

Six montagnes de moins de 1 000 mètres à escalader

These remote places are often difficult to reach by train but very easily accessible by car, consider renting for maximum freedom!



Climbing Mount Fuji - testimony and guide to climbing the iconic volcano


Ascension du Mont Fuji - témoignage et guide pour grimper le volcan iconique

The most famous hike in Japan is undoubtedly the ascent of the most popular volcano in the world, Mount Fuji! With its 3,776 meters above sea level, it is the highest point in Japan and has become one of its symbols over the centuries.

Going to admire the sunrise at its summit is one of the unforgettable adventures to do on the archipelago...

Vue depuis le Mont Fuji