Twilight Express Mizukaze トワイライトエクスプレス 瑞風

  • Published on : 05/06/2017
  • by : Japan Experience

The Twilight Express Mizukaze is a new super luxury train in Japan. The JR Twilight Express Mizukaze operates between Kyoto-Osaka and Shimonoseki at the western tip of Honshu in Yamaguchi.


The train itself is a hybrid diesel allowing it to run on the un-electrified San-in Line, and consists of ten cars carrying a maximum of only 30 passengers.

It was designed by industrial designer Tetsuo Fukuda whose other train designs include the Sunrise Seto, Sunrise Izumo, and the N700 Series Shinkansen.

The interior was designed by Kazuya Ura whose experience is in designing luxury hotels, as the train really is a hotel on rails. The two end cars are observation cars, both with an exterior viewing platform.

Logo & Staff

Logo & Staff

Lounge area of the standard twin room on the Twilight Express Mizukaze

Lounge area of the standard twin room on the Twilight Express Mizukaze

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