Neighborhoods Demachi-Yanagi


It is a working-class neighborhood, with narrow streets lined with old and modest houses. The people living there, who are mostly elderly, look like characters from the post-war Ozu movies. They watch students at the prestigious Kyodaï University go by.

This neighborhood is very central and situated near the Demachi Yanagi station which allows you to go to Mount Hiei in a few minutes or to Nara. Nearby, you can find numerous izakayas, popular restaurants where you eat at the bar.


Vibrant and well connected district.
Walk along the banks of the Kamogawa.
The shopping mall to please your taste buds and its "everything for 100 yen" store


Not many historical places near the house.


- Bus service to easily connect to the city's other tourist areas, take the 102 bus to reach the Golden Pavilion
- Keihan train line to Osaka


- Amuraya, popular japanese cuisine (izakaya)


- Shimogamo sanctuary
- Kamogawa river
- Kyoto university
- Imperial Palace park