Neighborhoods Gojo


This former district of ceramic artisans, with the slopes Gojo avenue and tiny alleys, still show traces of its past. Even if the fires in the kilns are no longer lit, there is still a remarkable amount of little shops, making this area the best place to hunt for and hope to find the teacup of your dreams.


Close to Kyoto Station and the Gion district.


Not many city bus stops nearby, but offset by close proximity to the Keihan train.


- 7-eleven Combini
- Post office


-The Keihan train line will quickly get you to both the north part of the city and the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine.
- Kawaramachi Gojo bus stop for Kyoto Station & Kiyomizu Zaka for the Silver Pavilion. 


- Benkei Udon
- E-Fish, café with a view of the Kamo River
- Takasegawa Street and its numerous restaurants


- Many ceramic shops
- The national museum
- Sanjusangendo
- The Gion district


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