Neighborhoods Higashiyama


Take a journey back in time as you stroll through the streets of Higashiyama. Around this neighborhood are two of the three most famous tea districts in Japan, Higashi Chaya and Kazue Machi. The area is very reminiscent of Gion in Kyoto, but of course has its own Kanazawa flavor. Higashiyama has 5-star along with affordable restaurants, cafes, and wonderful galleries all within a 10 minute walk. A truly special place in the historical city of Kanazawa, Higashiyama is a great place to stay, enjoy nature, have a meal, and take a relaxing stroll along the Asanogawa River.


Nature (at the foot of Mt. Utatsuyama and banks of Asanogawa river), historical, walks


A little bit far from downtown Kanazawa. Walk-25 min, bus-15 min, taxi-10 min.


An array of galleries and gift shops in Higashi Chaya District and Kazue Machi


Buses from the Hashiba-cho bus stop take you anywhere in the city.


-Otafuku, Japanese noodles
-Tamura, sushi
-Kukai, serving a variety of dishes at reasonable prices
-Shiki, fine Japanese dining
-Nagaya, Japanese bar


-Kazue-machi historical streets
-Higashi Tea District
-Higashiyama mountain area