Neighborhoods Okazaki


The Okazaki district attracts lots of Japanese on the weekend due to the variety of entertainment that it offers. Cultural leisure activities with lots of museums, including the Momak museum of modern art, the museum of traditional craftsmen and the great municipal library.

Sports and leisure activities with the possibility of attending baseball matches played by youth teams or even the training of several martial arts disciplines at the Dojo Centre.

The district is also and especially marked by the Heian Shrine where several religious festivals take place.


Near the town centre and Gion.
Green and airy area, calm in the week, lively at the weekend.
The canals bordered by cherry trees are magnificent in the spring.


Lively at the weekend.
No bike hire nearby. 


Bus service to easily connect to the city's other tourist areas, take the 100 bus to reach the Silver Pavilion.


- Jun Jun, okonomiyaki


- Heian Jingu sanctuary
- Various museums
- Gion
- the downtown area


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