Neighborhoods Yoshida-yama


North of Okazaki park, rises Yoshida hill which is home to the pagodas of two temples known by the names of Kurodani and Shinnyodo, as well as the picturesque Yoshida shrine. For those who tire of the crowds in the temples, the quiet and shady lanes, the scent of incense that floats in the allow you to catch a glimpse of a different Kyoto.



The prevailing calm in the streets bordering the temples is surprising.
The panoramic view of the mountains.


Slightly off the beaten track, you will need to walk along the slopes of the hill to find shops and a bus service.


Bus service to easily connect to the city's other tourist areas, take the 12 bus to reach the Golden Pavilion.


- Omen, udon and vegetables
- Eisuke, Kyoto cuisine
- Goya, Okinawa cuisine
- Mohan Café


- Shinnyodo Temple
- Yoshida Sanctuary
- The Philosopher's Path
- Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion


Our Houses in the district Yoshida-yama