Five things to take to Japan   バッグの中身・必要なモノ

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 Travel Adaptor

A Travel Adaptor

A 10,000 yen bill

A 10,000 yen bill


In fall, don't forget your umbrella!

The essentials

Pack well for a stress-free trip to Japan.

So it’s finally the big day! Only a few more hours and you'll be flying off on the trip of your dreams. To make the most of your long-awaited trip, don’t forget to slip these five useful things into your bag:

1- An adapter for Japanese power outlets

It probably goes without saying, but as for most of your trips abroad, don’t forget to carry an adapter for Japanese power outlets. You'll then be able to recharge your phone or computer and plug in your hairdryer wherever you go. Depending on the voltage of your appliances, an adapter might not be enough. You may need to get hold of a transformer. The voltage used throughout Japan is 100 volts.

2- A phrasebook

If you’re staying in large cities, most of the population should be able to give you some information in English, especially younger people. However, if you plan to travel, don’t leave without a phrasebook or a collection of pictures of things you might need. In the same way, get to know some polite phrases, the Japanese are very appreciative of the effort and might even ask you “Nihongo perapera?!” (“Do you speak Japanese fluently?!”). We recommend the Lonely Planet conversation guide.

3- Yen

You will be able to change your money once you get to Japan, or withdraw directly from ATMs with your bank card. But you'll have greater peace of mind if you already have enough to pay for a taxi or a night at a hotel in the local currency.

4- Rainwear

If you plan to travel between August and October in particular, raincoats, umbrellas and boots are quite simply essential.

5- Emergency numbers

There is very little chance you'll need them! But it's a good idea to make sure you keep the phone number of your country's embassy with you, as well as the number for your travel insurance (included with certain credit cards) or other important numbers in case you encounter a health problem or have an accident.

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