Capsule hotels in Japan カプセルホテル

Unusual experience in Japan: sleeping in a cabin

Do you like sleeping in a cozy capsule? This is the principle behind Japanese capsule hotels, located throughout major Japanese cities. Capsule hotels fascinate foreign visitors for their uniqueness and low cost.


The sanitary facilities are of course shared. Spaces are reserved for meeting, eating or watching television. Some hotels are betting on this friendly aspect with a kitchen and a common living room.

Cleanliness is generally expected - let's not forget we are in Japan!

You should know that the male and female dormitories are separate, and that there is no "double" cabin. It is therefore impossible for couples to sleep together. This is why the capsule hotel experience is rather reserved for solo travelers or groups of friends.

Hôtel capsule

L'hôtel Nine hours de Kyoto

Flickr Tobin

Hôtel capsule

Capsule classique d'un hôtel à Tokyo

Flickr Inunami

Hôtel capsule

Espaces communs (casiers) d'un hôtel Nine hours

Flickr Sergio Ortega

Address, timetable & access

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  • Price

    Between 2000 and 7000 yen per night (from 16 to 58 €)

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