Cherry rush   花見スポット

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The bed of cherry petals just after hanami.

Cherry blossom petals after hanami.

The best places to make the most of hanami.

The best places to make the most of hanami.

The best places in Japan Guide under the cherry blossoms.

Under the blossoming cherry trees.

Top 5 Hanami spots from north to south

Want to experience hanami, but don't know when and where to go? Here is a selection of the most beautiful spots for Japanese cherry trees from the far north to the tropics.


-> Park Goryokaku in the beautiful city of Hakodate. Here, plum and cherry trees bloom at the same time from late April to early May. The location is spectacular, at the ruins of an ancient fortress built based on Vauban's style (advisor to Louis XIV).


-> The castle of Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture. Blossoming occurs from late April to early May, in the shade of a traditional Japanese castle.


-> Nagoya Castle, Aichi Prefecture. More than a thousand cherry trees bloom in late March, and at night, are visible through illuminations.


-> Senkoji Park in Hiroshima. An ancient area where over the coarse of 120 years, 10,000 cherry trees were planted and bloom every year in early to mid april, offering an unforgettable spectacle.


-> The castle of Kumamoto is considered one of the best "hanami spots" in Kyushu. And in the southernmost island of Okinawa at the ruins of Nago Castle 20,000 cherry trees bloom far before their counterparts in the north!

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