16 amazing facts about cherry trees in Japan 日本の桜の面白い数字

  • Published on : 30/03/2017
  • by : K.C.
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Did you know?

The love story between the Japanese and the cherry blossom dates back centuries. Here are some surprising facts and figures about Japanese cherry blossoms.

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A miko, Shinto priestess.


The original religion of Japan is Shinto, worshiping the forces of nature.

Lake Kawaguchiko Sakura Mont Fuji

The cherry blossoms through art

With the arrival of spring, the streets, gardens and mountains of Japan welcome the cherry blossoms and the whole archipelago is covered in pink for a few days, a few weeks.

Koban at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum


A permanent fixture on the streets of Japan, Koban or police boxes, are there to help bring order to their designated neighborhood as well as help lost tourists.

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