Usa Guide Kyushu

  • Published on : 27/01/2015
  • by : Japan Experience

Usa: read a guide to Usa in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu famous for Usa Jingu, Dairaku-ji Temple and the ancient Naramoto Magaibutsu Buddhist carvings.

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Hita Guide

Hita guide, Oita, Kyushu: Hita is often called the Kyoto of Kyushu due to its atmospheric historic streets which were in part indeed originally modeled after Kyoto.


The city of Oita is located northeast of Kyushu Island in Beppu Bay. Despite being the capital of the prefecture of the same name, it's much less known than the neighboring city of Beppu.


Kitsuki Town

In Oita Prefecture, the small town of Kitsuki is worth a detour if you are passing through the region, especially to see Beppu.

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