Tsunoshima 角島

The island beyond the bridge

Tsunoshima is a small island located between the islands of Honshu and Kyushu, off the famous city of Shimonoseki, to which it belongs administratively. This island is known for its vast bridge and seaside resort beaches.

An iconic bridge


Tsunoshima is first and foremost a bridge - the second longest in Japan to connect an island to the central land - which spans 1,780 meters. Whether you look at the horizon from Tsunoshima or Honshû, the bridge produces a magnificent panorama. Its straight line separates the sea into two cobalt blue waters before beginning a curve along a mossy rock placed on the sea and getting lost in the island park. This magnificent landscape comes in warmer colors in the evening. The transparent environment allows you to admire the naked sun's crimson skin radiating an orange veil from the island's peaks.

The Tsunoshima Bridge


The beach, nature, and the lighthouse


Once you have passed the bridge, you can approach different beaches on the island. Although located in the Sea of Japan, the island has several magnificent locations. The beach "Shiozake bleu cobalt" will delight you with its white sandbank on which the blue water carelessly falls asleep in small languid waves. You can sunbathe with a towel on the ground with the mountains gently descending towards the shore behind your back.


Tsunoshima offers visitors other activities. Thus, besides being a trendy island among camping and fishing enthusiasts, it also provides a market in the village Shiozake-no-Sato, which is full of vegetables and seafood. meters, located west of the island, built at the beginning of the Meiji period in 1876 and has one of the most powerful lenses in the country, is open to the public. This granite lighthouse can illuminate the sea for several tens of kilometers and stands out as one of the peaks of Tsunoshima.

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Tsunoshima Lighthouse


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