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5 Okonomiyaki Restaurants in Osaka

Great pride of Osaka and emblem of the city's street food, okonomiyaki, this Japanese omelet, can be enjoyed in a box or at the counter in several welcoming establishments.


Culinary specialties of Osaka

Osaka, the third-largest city in Japan, is famous for its culinary culture. For many, it is emblematic of Japanese street food: the city that saw the birth of instant noodles and sushi bars!

Restaurant Isaribi


Japan offers a wide culinary variety especially in terms of cooking methods. In Osaka, Isaribi offers wood-fire barbecues, also called robatayaki.

The sky bridge restaurant

Le Pont du Ciel

Give up your chopsticks for a French meal. The Pont du Ciel transports you to the land of Brillat-Savarin.

Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki

A chain reputed throughout Kansai for its sushi, Ganko ("stubborn"), was born in Osaka in April 1963, established in a luxurious house in the Hirano district, previously owned by a rich merchant.

Hiraishi front of restaurant


The "side door" entrance gives a somewhat bad impression of this tempura restaurant, which is actually very well run, and awarded with a Michelin star.

Restaurant Chitose


This is a discrete little establishment, with one of those big white air conditioning units next to a sliding wooden door, but don't be deceived, you have come to one of the best okonomiyaki restau


The reference for sukiyaki udon (a type of thick pasta stew) in Osaka is called Mimiu. But don't get it wrong! No miumiu, miumu or mimoun if you want to eat well.



Chibo embodies the king of okonomiyaki. A typical specialty of Kansai appreciated by many. For novices and enthusiasts, the pancakes are worth the visit.

Yakiniku Restaurant Sora

Yakiniku Sora

Hungry carnivores look no further. The Yakiniku Sora will sate your appetite at low prices and make you revise your bovine anatomy.

Udon restaurant Umeda Hagakure

Umeda Hagakure

Surrounded by shops that do not all look too good, in one of the buildings that make up the Umeda landscape, this restaurant prepares one of the best udon (thick white noodles made from wheat flou


From the outset, the scene is set.

Restaurant Zuboraya


The name Zuboraya is one of the best known culinary names in Osaka. This restaurant has no stars, but is well known for its expertise in the delicate preparation of fugu.