Mount Yotei 羊蹄山

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Mount Fuji is unique. But across the archipelago, you can find countless picturesque mountains... Some resemble the iconic Fuiju-san which is the case for Mount Yotei​​​​​​, an eminence in the south of the island of Hokkaido, not far from Lake Toya.

The mountain otherwise belongs to the Shikotsu-Toya Park, rising its steep sides halfway between the region's two beautiful lakes.

With an altitude of 1898 meters, the mountain, included in the list of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, does not at first appear particularly impressive.

But its isolated position in the middle of valleys and plains (including that of Kutchan where the potatoes of the same name are grown) which do not exceed 300 meters above sea level offers a striking contrast.

Mount Yôtei seen from Hirafu


The most beautiful hikes of Mont Yôteik


The ascent of Mount Yotei is quite accessible and allows you to cross very diverse landscapes, ranging from the primary forest at the base, passing through a birch forest, and up to the alpine plants around the summit.

In addition, several endemic species of Hokkaido live in the area, such as the kitakitsune (northern fox), the ezo usagi (rabbit of Ezo), or the ezo momonga (the flying squirrel of Ezo).

Kitsune from Hokkaidô


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    From JR Sapporo station, go to JR Kutchan station (2 hrs) by Hakodate line. From there, take the Donan Bus or Niseko Bus line to Yotei Tozan Guchi station (20 min)

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