Hakata Port   博多港

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Reflections of a City

North of Fukuoka, Hakata Port is a port which, in the image of the city, symbolizes the opening to the outside of the megalopolis.

Every year, approximately one million people pass through Hakata Port. In a few hours by boat, you can travel to Korea or one of Japan's many small islands.

By Sea

It is possible to travel to South Korea in only 3 hours with the JR Beetle ferry or, for the more patient, an overnight trip with the Camellia Line company.

One can also visit the islands bordering the Fukuoka Prefecture, such as Tsushima, Iki, or a little further, Goto.

Hakata Port is certainly a great communication channel for travelers, but above all it's an impressive industrial platform, demonstrating the importance of business, as it covers the entire northern coast of the city.

A prosperous economy

The port of the city of Fukuoka is a major player in the economic life of the island of Kyushu, and to a greater extent, Japan. The figures are there to prove it: in 2011, there were nearly 7 million tonnes of exports and more than 11 million tonnes of imports.

The port is paired with large commercial and industrial ports in Asia and the Pacific, such as Auckland, Shanghai and Busan.

A walk around Hakata Port

The curious can take a few snapshots at the edge of the industrial area in order to capture the excitement of the port in the morning.

Indeed, from 2am you can already witness the fishermen hard at work. Fish and other seafood can then be found at the Yanagibashi Rengo Market (among others).

For a more classic walk, you can visit the Hakata Port Tower, 70 meters high, which contains a museum about the life and history of the port, from the Mongol invasion to the first economic exchanges with Australia. Admission is free.

An afternoon of shopping is also possible in the shops and restaurants of the port.

For a more thrilling walk, why not try the aquatic stage and try betting on boat races? Kyotei (競 艇), is similar to betting on horses, and very popular game in Fukuoka and on Kyushu in general

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