Yanagibashi Rengo Market   柳橋連合市場

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Outside Yanagibashi Rengo market

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka's Pantry

Known as the pantry of Fukuoka, the Yanagibashi Rengo market has over the years become essential to local life.

In the Heart of the City

It is in the heart of Fukuoka, between Tenjin district and Hakata Station, along the Nakagawa River, that the Yanagibashi Rengo market can be found. With entrances at the four cardinal points, it's impossible to miss.

At 5:30am, the market starts to come alive. This is when the first deliveries arrive. Vendors rush to set up shop and develop products in hopes of delighting the first buyers. The market doors open to the public at 8am.

The Yanagibashi Rengo houses fifty stalls, specializing mainly in seafood.

A Market with Multiple Charms

Upon arrival, the stage is set. Founded in 1889, the entering Yanagibashi Rengo market feels like you've travelled back in time. Indeed, these are still historic buildings. They are home to many legends, stories, and anecdotes, that some merchants might even share...

Yanagibashi Rengo market is a perfect place for exchange and dialogue. Throughout the year, the market hosts several festivals and fairs. But it is also, most interestingly, a place to buy and discover typical specialties of Fukuoka, such as mentaiko (hake or cod roe), abatteramo (dried fish) or gyoroke (fried fish).

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