Picot Bakery   ベーカリー&スイーツ“PICOT”

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Picot bakery

Outside Picot Bakery in Hakone

Picot bakery

Inside Picot Bakery.

Sweet and Savory

Who said you can't find an authentic croissant in Japan? It's possible at Picot.

As soon as you open the door, the familiar scents of sugar, butter and spices reach your nose, thanks to the expert bakers on site at the renowned Picot Bakery.

Customers are taken back to their childhood with a tantalizing storefront stocked with one appetizing treat after another. Those on a diet will crumble before their apple tart, their buttery croissants - a classic - or their stuffed breads of all kinds.

If you are more tempted by the savory than sweet, Picot also serves a variety of curries.

This bakery is also right by the historic Fujiya Hotel resort, famous for once hosting the Beatles. Who knows, John Lennon may have enjoyed a croissant with Yoko Ono in this very bakery!

However, be careful not to get too carried away - the best bakery in town has accordingly high prices...

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