Nadagiku Shuzo Sake Brewery   灘菊酒造

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Learn About Sake

South of the city, this old sake brewery offers to share its expertise with you, and the opportunity to enjoy the results!

Harima Plain, in Hyogo prefecture, has long been proud of its nihonshu, a sake (rice wine) with an excellent reputation. It is indeed in the area (today Prefecture of Hyogo, of which Kobe and capital Himeji are a part) that Yamada Nishiki, one of the varieties of rice that produces the best sake, is grown.

Himeji and its surroundings counts about twenty of the oldest breweries, including Nadagiku Shuzo, a family business that opened its facilities to the public there about twenty years ago.

Visits (and tastings) are organized several times a day, to see both the current manufacturing process of the Japanese national alcohol, and old utensils used until the 1950s.

Nadagiku Shuzo naturally offers a shop for lovers, with bottles of the four major sake categories (including one of the best: Daiginjo) and Maegura, a restaurant specializing in suminabe (pots of meat and vegetables cooked on cool) and several tofu recipes.

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