Lifestyle Museum   大阪くらしの今昔館

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Museum of lifestyle in the former Osaka

Exhibition in the museum of lifestyle in the old Osaka.

Museum of Lifestyle

Playing an old city street in the 1830s.

The street in the air

The Lifestyle Museum in the old Osaka reproduces full-scale an old street of the city in the 1830s ... on the top floor of a ten-story building!

The days when machiya (wooden houses) were lined up in rows is long gone. Yet in this museum, there is a change of scenery: an immersion in the Osaka of the first half of the nineteenth century, when electricity had not yet made ​​its appearance, at one moment you are walking in the day, and the next moment you are walking in the night...

With an impressive lighting system, the light is constantly evolving to offer the show of an accelerated day. At the entrance of the museum, visitors can put on traditional clothes to wear for the visit. Then begins the discovery of a public bath, period shops, and houses, some of which are open and present bathrooms or reconstructed kitchens. Each room is furnished and it is possible to buy souvenirs in the stores of the alley.

On the other floors, the museum displays models of  the post-Meiji era, to take another leap in time, this time in twentieth century Japan.

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