Osaka Science Museum 大阪市立科学館

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musée des sciences d'osaka

The Science Museum in Osaka

Wikimedia Commons

To infinity and beyond

Passionate about science and astronomy? The Osaka Science Museum invites young and old to dive into the heart of the mysteries of space for an afternoon.

Discovering science


The visit begins on the 4th floor: the latter has as its theme the universe and more generally astronomy . Children learn everything there is to know about the cosmos , the solar system , stars , satellites , and even about radiation or electromagnetism . This floor also houses a beautiful presentation of the solar system in a reduced model.

Different experimental tools also make it possible to explain the main principles of science in a didactic way. The floor also includes a presentation on the History of Science , the great discoveries and the great Japanese scientists.

musée des sciences d'osaka

Space-themed exhibition halls


Be careful though, the explanations are available in Japanese only. You will therefore have to anticipate and make the guide yourself for your children!

The 3rd floor is dedicated to mineralogy , but also to various everyday materials such as metal or plastic. Beautiful samples of rare minerals and precious stones are presented in the window. The exhibition also focuses on fibers and different fabrics , in particular on the invention of the synthetic fiber. In one of the rooms, you will also find a cosmonaut outfit, made to withstand space.

The collections also address the principles of modern medicine . Finally, a space is dedicated to one of our senses: smell .

musée des sciences d'osaka

The main hall

Wikimedia Commons

musée des sciences d'osakas

The experiment rooms on the 2nd floor


Journey to the stars


In the basement is the planetarium , the spearhead of the museum. Stars and planets are projected onto a huge dome-shaped Imax screen , 26.5 meters in diameter. It is thus the 5th largest in the world, and is even larger than that of the Geode in Paris... It can accommodate up to 300 people and each screening offers you a walk through the cosmos for 45 minutes.

Note, however: the explanations offered live are exclusively provided in Japanese and no translator is available. It is nevertheless always pleasant to take advantage of this beautiful visual immersion in space...

musée des sciences d'osaka

The museum planetarium


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