Kokubun-cho   国分町

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The district "cho"

Horns, neon lights, karaoke, pachinko, and good restaurants: No doubt, Kokubuncho is the liveliest district of Sendai, and the entire Tohoku region.

Kokubuncho is preceded by its reputation as the little brother of the famous Kabukicho in Tokyo. Spread over several blocks in the heart of Sendai (between the station and Nishi-koen Park), this pleasure district concentrates in a maze of little streets everything you need to have fun in Japanese style.

Two populations wander around the area every night, on their way to nomikai (party with alcoholic drinks) students and office workers, each with their bars, restaurants and izakaya (Japanese tapas bars). And every ten meters a tout boasts the merits of their establishment and distributes discount vouchers.

The Kokubuncho is naturally saturated with restaurants, with the Sendai  style - a cosmopolitan city that welcomes a number of international students - there's something for everyone (pho, Thai, English pubs, Mediterranean ...) .

It's the perfect place to sample the specialty of Sendai: the gyûtan or a grilled salted beef tongue. A recipe that appeared in 1945 at Tasuke a famous  Kokubun-cho restaurant .

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