The Nijo Fish Market in Sapporo 札幌の二条市場

Taste the sea in town


The Nijo Fish Market in downtown Sapporo is a century-old institution. Every day you can taste the best specialties from local fishing. About fifty traders await you behind their stalls rich in the finest specimens of seafood and fish from the seas around Hokkaido.


Marché aux poissons de Nijô à Sapporo

Nijo Fish Market in the heart of Sapporo

City of Sapporo

There are all sorts of specialties, although crab is the safe bet in regional waters . Crabs of several varieties, including Taraba, Kamchatka king crab, or even Hanasaki, Zuwai or Kegani. You will have to come back to taste them all, in order to fully grasp the taste subtleties. Otherwise, sea urchins, oysters or prawns are also available to your palate, raw or grilled, to be enjoyed on the spot, like the timeless sushi or kaisen-don (sashimi on a bowl of rice), there will be no time for you to satisfy all your desires to discover these flavors.

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Kaisen-don, rice + salmon eggs + fine seaweed + grated radish with peppers + wasabi

City of Sapporo

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