Hokkaido Jingu Shrine 北海道神宮

  • Published on : 26/02/2018
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Hokkaido Jingu, the temple of the gods


Hokkaidof was for centuries an independent land inhabited by the Ainu people, whom the Japanese called Ezochi. It became Japanese territory with the Meiji Restoration in 1868, an integration into the Japanese Empire symbolized by the HokkaidoJingû, the largest Shinto shrine in Sapporo.




From Sapporo Jinja to Hokkaido Jingu

The first shrine was built in Sapporo in 1870 , then relocated to its current location in 1871 . Its realization followed the consecration by Emperor Meiji in Tokyo in 1869 of three Shinto deities, or kami : Ôkunitama (God of the land of Hokkaidô), Ôkuninushi (God of the development of the land) and Sukunahikona (God of healing). These are the " three deities of the enhancement of Hokkaido " , which were transported to the Sapporo Jinja shrine in order to allow their action on the island of Hokkaido. It is since the ichi-no-miya, "first sanctuary" of Hokkaido.



Entrance to Hokkaido Jingu



A magnificent point of view

Beyond its religious role, Hokkaidô Jingû is a place particularly popular with lovers of beautiful viewpoints. Located at the level of Maruyama Park, a veritable pocket mountain with a height of 226 meters, it occupies a large area of 180,000 m 2 and has nearly 1,500 cherry trees. Sapporo residents flock to the temple during cherry blossom season to admire the aisles misted with white and pink sakura blossoms.

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Alley of cherry blossoms at Hokkaidô Jingû


Address, timetable & access

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    +81 11-611-0261
  • Timetable

    15 minutes on foot from Maruyama Koen Subway Station (Tozai Line)
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    7am - 4pm (November 1 - February 14)7am - 4:30pm (February 15 - March 31)7am - 5pm (April 1 - October 15)7am - 4:30pm (October 16 - October 31)
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