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Shin Shin ramen

Shin Shin ramen

Ramen rivals sushi in terms of reputation: it's one of the best known Japanese dishes, both internationally and in Japan.

Le Karashi Mentaiko

The Mentaiko

In Fukuoka, there are ramen noodles (ラーメン) and mentaiko (明太子), known throughout Japan! 

Tonkotsu (Hakata) ramen

Hakata Ramen

Thin noodles, the rich, savory taste of pork... It has to be the famous ramen of Fukuoka.

Yatai Fukuoka


Local specialties and spirit at over 200 yatai in Fukuoka, gourmet, homely food stalls!

The sushiyasan (sushi chef) of Gou restaurant in Fukuoka.

Sushi Dokoro Gou

In a city that normally goes crazy for ramen noodles, Sushi Dokoro Gou offers some of the best sushi in Fukuoka in a chic and refined setting.