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Japan's Beautiful Forgotten Beaches

Japan is an archipelago made up of thousands of islands and over 33,000 km of coastline . Yet the sea is far from being the first tourist attraction of the country. With very varied climates from north to south, you will find a beach to swim in the sea at any time of the year .

In Japanese culture, the sea is reserved for sea creatures and those who fish for them . The phenomenon of going out to the beach with friends, strolling all day on a deckchair, playing volleyball or building sandcastles remains fairly recent and is practiced only by a small part of the population, often students.

In the land of the onsen, where it is natural to walk naked in front of strangers to enjoy the hot springs, the Japanese remain modest on the beach and avoid the sun's rays as much as possible . Usually quite pale, they tend to literally cook and will often keep their T-shirts on the beach. As white skin remains a symbol of beauty and purity integrated into the Japanese spirit, sunbathing is not really a popular hobby .

The most beautiful beaches in Japan:


A country focused on the marine world: between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean

In Japan, you will never be more than 200 km from the sea. Even if many coasts are rocky or have been overexploited for lack of space on Japanese land, you will find magnificent beaches scattered over the archipelago .

The seashores in Tokyo Bay are also full of vacationers or Japanese weekenders during the summer. You will be able to test many leisure activities at the busiest beaches: kayak, towed buoy, surfing and other watercraft! But in general, apart from fishing boats, you will rarely be disturbed by yachts and other Jet-Skis.

Going down to the south, the underwater world opens its arms to you. While in Okinawa, diving is an essential activity! Being the Hawaii of the Japanese , it is better to avoid the Ryukyu archipelago during the summer holidays (in August) because the influx of tourists could spoil your stay.

The sea bordering Okinawa being at a temperature always above 20°C , prefer the end of spring or the beginning of autumn to enjoy the tranquility of the Japanese tropical islands.

Hotels by the sea also offer perfect seaside stays to recharge your batteries in an ideal environment. Japanese-style comfort and services are to be tested at least once to experience real luxury .


A central element of both the country's openness to the world and its isolation, it is thanks to the resources offered by the sea that Japan has been able to develop its economy. A public holiday to celebrate the sea has even been established, it is Umi no Hi .

Between the Tokyo megalopolis, the impressive mountains, the relaxing countryside, the onsen full of virtues, the historic temples and shrines and all the other riches that Japan has to offer , the beaches do not appear as obvious when preparing a holiday. 'a travel.

But to discover breathtaking landscapes, unique fauna and flora and stretches of white sand that are lost in turquoise water, do not miss the Japanese beaches.


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