The Chubu region 中部

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Chubu, neighboring Kanto and Kansai

Chubu is the central region of the island of Honshu, nestled between Kanto to the east and Kansai to the west. This large region is marked by unique and varied landscapes, especially its mountainous region, with the Japanese Alps and the illustrious Mount Fuji.

The region is often broken down into three entities :

  • the Hokuriku region, a coastal strip on the Sea of Japan in the northwest, which is a rice-growing region,

  • the region of Koshinetsu (the "central highlands") and on the coast of the Sea of Japan, in the northeast (Niigata),

  • the Tokai region, to the south, a narrower area on the Pacific coast.

The three largest cities in the region are Nagoya, Nagano, and Niigata.


Map of Chûbu and its prefectures

Wikimedia Commons


Nagoya, the capital of Chûbu, boasts fine gastronomy based on miso but is also known for its sumo tournaments. Do not miss to visit the magnificent Tokugawa-en gardens.

Kanazawa is a highly recommended destination. Its former geisha quarters, its castle, as well as the Kenroku-en garden (one of the three most beautiful in the country), make it an unmissable destination.



View of Nagoya by night

FlickrSven Krause


Kenrokuen in winter

Flickr Marufish

Shizuoka's green tea fields in spring


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