Local cafés to gourmet restaurants   食事 The pleasure of perfection

The pleasure of perfection

In terms of gastronomy, Japan has become a choice destination for men and women of taste. Here, chefs are freed from any ostentatious show. The product, only the finest refinement with one specific purpose ... happiness on a plate.

In this country, freshness is a cardinal value. The balance of flavors and colors, textures and scents, respect for the seasonal ingredients, the quest for perfection is very prevalent in Japan. The influence of the senses solicits the imagination.

Restaurants do not only serve raw fish in Japan. Each region has its own specialties, and each restaurant has its own as well. One is known for its ramen, the other for its wagyu or fugu. In our  Chopsticks at the ready! guide, the Japanese terms will make your mouth water.

From cafes to gourment restaurants offering an unforgettable kaiseki, from street sellers to Buddhist inns serving ryori shojin, there are so many options, you are spoiled with choices. Even at low prices, the meals do not disappoint. In this gourmet pilgrimage, Tokyo has his head in the stars. With more than 160,000 restaurants, it shines like the premier gastronomic capital, according to the famous Michelin Red Guide. In Japanese, they say Itadakimasu! which means "thank you to nature and the chef!"