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Aircraft airline Skymark.

Jet Star

Baggage check of Jetstar.

Peach Aviation

Aircraft airline Peach.

Think low cost

Low-cost airlines in Japan now offer prices that compete with the long domination of the railway.

In 2012, Peach AviationJetStar and Air Asia Japan started flying alongside Skymark (1996) to offer cheap flights to the main destinations in Japan.


The secret is to do it in advance! According to the rules of "yield management" in force among airlines, as the plane fills up, the price increases.

But a comparative study is not easy. The rates differ according to criteria specific to each airline (on board aircraft services, luggage, date of booking and date of sale ...).

Peach offers a formula called Happy Peach Plus, a little more expensive but allows three ticket changes, the choice of the site and additional baggage.

Also, companies do not serve all the same destinations:

  • Skymark serves nine cities from Tokyo to Naha (Okinawa) to Sapporo (Hokkaido), and especially those of Kyushu ( Fukuoka , Nagasaki , Kagoshima ).
  • Peach including Osaka and Sendai (Kyushu well), and foreign Asian cities.
  • JetStar opened a line to Oita (near Beppu) and another for Matsuyama.
  • AirAsia only offers external lines from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Comparative Guide to Japan

A Tokyo-Osaka route for 15th September 2014 (best price excluding booking fees):

  • by JR train - 14,450円 (104 euros)
  • Skymark - 8700円 (63 euros for Tokyo-Kobe)
  • Peach - 8390円 (60 euros)
  • JetStar - 5690円 (41 euros)

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